Global Third-Party Chemical Distribution Market Growth & Trends

The global third-party chemical distribution market has been steadily developing, owing to the creative steps being undertaken by the chemicals sector to counteract the supply chain system’s slowdown. Chemical distributors around the world are implementing sustainable methods for the safe delivery of chemicals and materials, thereby increasing their credibility among chemical suppliers.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 caused not only a partial collapse of the air transport, but also majorly impacted on the distribution channels of all the industries. When COVID-19 lockdowns made face-to-face meetings impossible for a period of time, distributors changed direction and discovered new ways to engage with clients. The rising use of digital technologies by oil, gas, and chemical firms has been driven primarily by efficiency gains and increased reliability. Many organizations in these industries experienced excellent results from advanced market sensing, improved operational optimization, and expanded usage of “in silico” simulations. Moreover, governments of various countries had allowed third-party distributions to work domestically and internationally, to distribute chemicals to the various industry verticals. Growing adoption of digitalization in the industries is thus, aiding the growth of third-party chemical distribution market.

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The traditional chemical distribution business model is under greater strain than ever before. Industrial clients, over the years, have been increasingly focusing on procuring clear positioning from their suppliers across specific customer industries and value chains. The initiatives towards digitization of business models across chemical sector is also bringing about changes in functional needs for integrated and multidisciplinary product and service portfolios. Hence, the stated factor is expected to drive the growth of the third-party chemical distribution market over the forecast period. New companies are pushing their way into the chemical industry and their market segments; and digital platforms provides an opportunity in this regard. These platforms allow for broad and efficient market access, especially for small and medium-sized consumers in developing regions.

Third-party chemical distribution market participants are incorporating advanced technologies in chemical distribution operations to provide the customers a safe, comfortable and an enhanced experience. For instance, Biesterfeld Group is primarily engaged in the international distribution of plastics, specialty chemicals, and rubbers, along with trading of industrial and agrochemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and agents. Biesterfeld ChemLogS, which is a subsidiary of the corporation, is engaged in providing a wide range of services in the fields of chemical, quality, and safety management. ICC Chemical Corporation also distributes and trades in chemicals, polymers, and pharmaceuticals, having operations across the globe. ICC Chemical Corporation is ICC Industries Inc.’s global trading arm. The company supplies specialized and inorganic chemicals to diverse industries.

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  • Global Market size and forecast values (2015–2029), in terms of revenue (US$ Million) by segments/sub-segments; wherein 2015 to 2019 has been considered as historic years, 2020 as the base year, while 2021 to 2029 has been considered as the forecast period.
  • Split of the market revenue (US$ Million) into all the relevant segments & sub-segments across all major regions/countries.
  • Market determinants and Influencing Factors
  • Market Dynamics (Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities and Challenges)
  • Business, Technological & Regulatory Trends
  • Impact of the Pandemic on Global Third-Party Chemical Distribution Market
  • Macro-Economic and Micro-Economic Indicators
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Global Presence and Growth Strategies
  • Market Share Analysis, 2020
  • Detailed profiles of major market participants operating in the market, encompassing information on company details, company overview, product offerings, key developments, financial analysis, SWOT analysis and business strategies
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Global Third-Party Chemical Distribution Market Report Highlights

  • Based on the type, specialty chemicals are estimated to accelerate with the highest growth rate in the global third-party chemical distribution market over the forecast period. Third-party distribution of specialty chemicals is expected to develop faster than direct sales to end users due to the outsourcing of value-added services such as shipping, packaging, waste removal, inventory management, and technical training.
  • The chemical transportation segment is anticipated to surge with a substantial growth rate over the period of next eight years in the global third-party chemical distribution market owing to increasing demand for chemicals from various industry verticals across developing and developed regions.
  • Domestic regional coverage segment in the global third-party chemical distribution market are anticipated to witness fastest growth rate over the forecast period, owing to increased domestic investment by local players in third-party distribution enterprises in the chemical industries.
  • Automotive and oil and gas industry verticals is expected to be the fastest growing segments in the third-party chemical distribution market over the forecast period owing to increasing industrialization and urbanization in the developing regions.
  • North American third-party chemical distribution market will gain traction through 2029, owing to the increasing demand for specialty construction chemicals and the growing popularity of sustainable and green infrastructure.

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Global Third-Party Chemical Distribution Market Segmentation

The global third-party chemical distribution market has been segmented on the basis of service type, type, regional coverage, industry vertical, and region, which are further classified into countries:

Service Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015–2029)

  • Chemical Storage
  • Chemical Handling
  • Chemical Transportation
  • Others

Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015–2029)

  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals

Regional Coverage Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015–2029)

  • Domestic
  • International

Industry Verticals Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015–2029)

  • Paints and Coatings
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Homecare and Industrial Cleaning
  • Consumer Goods
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Paper, Paperboard & Specialty Paper
  • Oil and Gas
  • Electricals & Electronics
  • Polymers
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Others

Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2015–2029)

  • North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Rest of North America)
  • Europe (France, The UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway), Benelux Union (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg), Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Rest of Southeast Asia), Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, South Africa, Rest of Middle East & Africa)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)

List of Key Players in the Global Third-Party Chemical Distribution Market:

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